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November 27, 2012

I am very happy that I have you, 
so I do not feel lonely in the lonely night 
But, you do not accompany me, just because I said that a 'mature point okay? ' 
You absolutely do not understand what I want! I want you to care about me! Compassion for me! Sometimes I lose my temper can not it? 
You have been at work and I have been at work! Why do you joke and I can not? I want you to tam me for a long time, it is difficult to do? 
I do not speak, you can not ask me what happened? 

One to Care

Why do not you stand in my position to think about? 
I have much to say, but the fear that we will end 
I really love him Very very love In fact I really can love one man Give up everything 
But he did not understand 
To say a few words will not die, but I will not say that he do not know my true feelings to 

I failed 
I am sorry 
You will be in your heart, delete my profile? ... 
And my everything ?

Hope you can go listen this song
*A Thousand Year *
All I would like to say to you
Know my head 

Sorry I was afraid

Promise me, you will happy everthing ...

I dont want cry again

我爱你、真的真的很爱 ...

first time emo post...haiz

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